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A player completes a game exercise by clicking on equipment needed for a photovoltaic system inspection and placing them into the toolbox. The GIF reads, 'Game exercise: packing the appropriate equipment for a PV inspection.'

Learning by Playing: Gamification of PV Inspection Process

Together with the software developer ESPOTO, RENAC developed an engaging and motivating learning experience: a serious game simulating photovoltaic (PV) inspections. This game represents the final milestone for the large-scale project Indian Rooftop PV Installers Skilling and Employment (iRISE). As part of iRISE, project partners RENAC and GIZ India collaborated on providing dynamic training opportunities.

The gamification of PV inspection was a project achievement that allowed more than 200 players so far to take on the role of a PV inspector at a small company in the fictional SolarCity. Learners planned site visits and investigated common PV system issues at different installations in the city. Players used game features, such as state-of-the-art measuring tools and thermal imaging devices, on inverters and PV modules to practice finding faults and suggest maintenance plans.

Visit our website to learn more about the project.

Berthold Breid, RENAC CEO, breid@renac.de


A collage of students and lecturers engaged in teaching and learning. Some students listen to a lecture in a classroom, while another learns online using a home computer.
Achieve Your Career Goals with RENAC's Online, Blended, and In-Person Opportunities

Online Academy

Green Energy Finance Specialist (GEFS) blended learning programme Introduction to Renewable Energy Technologies in-person training course
  • RENAC will offer this highly anticipated course again in April at RENAC in Berlin, Germany. The course focuses on the leading commercially viable renewable energy technologies. For the first time this year, it will also include an introduction to green hydrogen. Book now and start on 24 April.


Two students with goggles use a desktop lab wind turbine learning tool. One student is actively using the desktop turbine as the other observes.

Join Us for a Q&A Info Session About the MBA Renewables Distance Learning Programme 

Since 2011, RENAC and Berliner Hochschule für Technik (BHT) have jointly offered this MBA for professionals working in emerging renewable energy markets. It covers the renewable energy sector’s economic, financial, technical, legal, political, and organisational aspects.

This part-time programme includes 13 modules, a master’s thesis, and an elective that incorporates optional on-campus participation. For over 12 years, this on-campus time has been a programme highlight, offering students practical training and networking opportunities.

The following topics will be discussed:
• MBA Renewables curriculum and semester structure
• Online studies: modalities
• Application process: authentication of application documents
• MBA experience via Q&A session with students, alums, and the team

Register here to receive the info session link and join us on 23 March 2023 at 5 p.m. CET.

Tarini Lamba, Project Manager, lamba@renac.de


A collage of participants at a green banking conference, writing together and listening to presentations by leaders in the green energy sector.
Green Banking Programme Conferences Highlight Training Successes and the Future of the Industry 

The Green Banking programme, funded by the International Climate Initiative (IKI) and implemented by RENAC in Latin America, was finalised in 2022. To conclude four years of comprehensive training and activities, RENAC organised Green Banking Alumni Conferences in Guatemala, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Peru in collaboration with local banking associations, ALIDE and the IFC Green Banking Academy (IFC-GBAC). 

The conferences created excellent opportunities to expand networks and listen to input from distinguished representatives from ministries and banking associations, including IFC-GBAC representatives Carlos Serrano and Marcela Ponce Perez. The events also incorporated hands-on workshops to facilitate discussion on programme activities and the future of green banking. 

Agnieszka Kedzierska, Project Director, kedzierska@renac.de

RENAC Offers Guided Tours at The smarter E Europe

From 14–16 June 2023 in Munich, Germany RENAC experts will lead guided tours for international delegations at The smarter E Europe. We will guide participants as they visit booths showcasing renewable energy technology. Our tours will facilitate gaining deeper insights into how the technologies work. Each tour is about 1.5 hours and will be conducted in English.

The guided tours include visits to:

• Energy Storage (ees Europe)
• Grid Integration (EM-Power Europe)
• PV Power Plants (Intersolar Europe)
• Charging Infrastructure (Power2Drive Europe)

Solar Promotion GmbH commissioned RENAC to lead exhibition tours.

For more information and to register, please feel free to reach out to Laura Scharlach, Project Director, German Energy Solutions Initiative, scharlach@renac.de

Supporting Solar and Mini-Grid Projects Through Comprehensive Training 

As part of the Training on Solar Mini-Grids and Solar Rooftops, RENAC conducts virtual live training for International Solar Alliance (ISA) member countries. Government officials and private stakeholders from the international energy sector can participate in these five-day live online events, conducted in English, Spanish, and French. The training includes discussing local challenges with international experts and facilitates networking with potential local and regional partners. 

In addition to providing technical knowledge on solar power technology, the events are opportunities to further support women in the energy sector and energy associations. Participants from Botswana, Venezuela, Gambia, Namibia, Uganda, Zambia, Burundi, Ethiopia, Sudan, and Cuba have completed the training so far. More training events are scheduled for 2023. 

The project is funded by GIZ India. RENAC and ISA are project partners. 

Catalina Avila Morales, Project Director, avila@renac.de 

Enertracks Study Tour: Promoting Leadership and Training for a Net Zero Future 

EnerTracks conducted its 9th study tour in Berlin, Germany, last November. Participants from more than 12 countries attended the two-week tour. It included workshops, leadership training sessions, and the development of a decarbonisation roadmap for the fictional city, EnerTransia.

As part of the design thinking workshop, participants identified avenues for stakeholder engagement, which was used for role-playing exercises and decarbonisation roadmap development. They also delved into electricity system modelling and introduction to renewable energy finance. At the end of the tour, each group presented their roadmap as other participants assumed the roles of key stakeholders, asked questions and provided feedback.

EnerTracks was developed by RENAC in cooperation with Agora Energiewende. It covers topics related to energy transformation. The project is part of IKI and supported by BMU.

Gloria Gabriel, Project Director, gabriel@renac.de  


A graphic spotlight shines on icons of a person, wind turbine, and solar panel that reads 'Alumni Spotlight.'

Sharing the Professional Accomplishments of RENAC Alumni Worldwide 

RENAC alumnus, Maher Soyah, completed programmes and courses in Berlin, Germany, when he learned about the Alumni Network Gruene Buergerenergie’s Alumni Netzwerk und Support für afrikanische Professionals (ANSAP) programme. ANSAP is part of the Green People's Energy for Africa initiative, which supports members in developing their renewable energy technology and energy efficiency business projects. As part of ANSAP, RENAC organises and implements online training on renewable energy technology and finance and the mentorship programme.

For Maher, the most impactful parts of the ANSAP programme were the pitch sessions, the focus on financial analysis, and the mentorship component. Read more about Maher’s path to success and how he continues to use the skills and knowledge from ANSAP as a new business owner in our conversation.


Aerial view photo of building rooftop with solar panels next to the cover of the annual report, which reads, 'The State of Renewable Energies In Europe. Edition 2022, 21st EurObserv'ER Report.'

EurObserv'ER Released the Annual Report: The State of Renewable Energies In Europe

The report covers the progress of renewable energy in the 27 EU Member States (EU-27). In 2021, 21.8% of gross final energy consumption in the EU-27 came from renewable energy sources. The pace must accelerate to reach the 45% target proposed by the REPowerEU programme by the end of 2030.

Read the full report for a more detailed examination of important topics, including socioeconomic and investment indicators, avoided fossil fuel use, and renewable energy costs and prices. The report also includes insights on EU competitiveness and innovation capability regarding RE technologies. For the first time, the specific calculation provisions of the Renewable Energy Directive (EU) 2018/2001 (known as RED II) have been applied in the annual report.

EurObserv'ER also recently published the Solid Biofuels barometer.

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