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Dear Sir or Madam,

Currently, the RENAC team is creating the curricula and training material for the first Green Banking events in 2016. With dedication we are developing the structure, content and practical parts in order to offer the most suitable and relevant capacity building programme adapted to the interest and country-specific demands of our target groups in India, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

Until 1st July 2016 you now have the chance to apply for a scholarship for one of the Green Banking trainings offered in 2016!

Depending on your individual interest and available time, you can choose among one of the following trainings from our Green Banking scholarship programme:

  • The Green Banking Online Training (OT) is a two-month professional training tailored to deliver a comprehensive, general introduction into green finance topics.
  • The Green Banking Blended Learning (BL) consists of the afore mentioned Online Training plus three-days Face-to-Face Seminars in the respective partner countries. This Face-to-Face seminar is complementary to the online training and is a country-specific, in-depth training on technical and financial topics related to finance of RE and EE projects and the access to international climate finance schemes.
  • The Green Banking Delegation Tour (DT) to Germany offers participants from all partner countries the opportunity to initiate new business contacts via B2B meeting, to exchange experiences  with German financing experts and to visit best practice renewable energy and energy efficiency projects . The five-days Delegation Tour is directed to management and representatives of the financial institutions´ business development units.

Green Banking Trainings and Events


Apply online
Online Training
online 12.09.-04.11.2016
8 weeks
Apply online
Blended Learning (Combination of Online and Face-to-Face Seminar in partner country)
12.09.-04.11.2016 & 21.-23.11.2016 8 weeks + 3 days
Apply online
Indonesia 12.09.-04.11.2016 & 09.-11.11.2016 8 weeks + 3 days
01.07.2016 Apply online
Philippines 12.09.-04.11.2016 & 23.-25.11.2016 8 weeks + 3 days
01.07.2016 Apply online
Thailand 12.09.-04.11.2016 & 28.-30.11.2016 8 weeks + 3 days
01.07.2016 Apply online
Vietnam 12.09.-04.11.2016 & 14.-16.11.2016 8 weeks + 3 days
01.07.2016 Apply online
Delegation Tour and B2B Meetings
Germany 10.10.-14.10.2016 5 days
01.07.2016 Apply online

The application links can be found on the respective partner country's page: India, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

Please find more details of the project, all training formats and information on the application via the Green Banking website.

We are looking forward to receiving your application! Please feel free to distribute this e-mail within your institution and beyond.

Best Regards,

Katharina Hartmann

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